Brett Cotham

Dentist, Brett Cotham

Brett Cotham has had a successful career as a Dentist. Currently, he is based out of Arkansas, but he began his professional path several years ago as a student at University of Missouri, Columbia. His time as a Missouri undergraduate saw him build a very solid academic foundation that would eventually be a great assist in his graduate and professional life. Brett Cotham held two concentrations at Missouri, one in biology and one in chemistry. Brett’s undergraduate academic experiences in the sciences planted a seed, and compelled him to pursue a graduate degree. This budding love of the sciences was able to fully blossom when he was accepted into a graduate program at University of Missouri, Kansas City. As a grad student at UMKC, the future Dr. Brett Cotham was a part of the Oral Surgery Honors Program. Brett was also a member of Xi Psi Phi Dental Fraternity during his time at school. His hard work paid off, and in 2012 he earned Doctorate Degree of Dental Studies, graduating with honors.

After his academic beginnings in Missouri, Brett Cotham took his talents south to Arkansas. There his talents were put to use as an Associate Dentist at Highland Family Dentistry. His time at Highland was an opportunity for Cotham to hone his dental skills. As his professional medical experience grew, the young dentist went westward to Brady’s a family dentist and cosmetics practice. He came onboard to Brady’s as an associate, but has since become a partner.

But what does Brett Cotham actually do, and how are his medical talents and dental skills typically put to use? How does his academic foundation from UMKC translate into the real world and medically professional landscape? For starters, Brett Cotham has distinguished himself in the field of cosmetic dentistry; a feat in itself, considering it’s high desirability as reported by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Of all the procedures and developments in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Cotham has great experience in something called “smile design”. Smile design is a method of preliminary operation, in which the patient describes what cosmetic changes he or she desires, and essentially sees a preview of the smile before and actual operation is begun.

Brett Cotham has devoted lots of time, and energy, both physical and mental (seriously, that much studying takes up quite a bit of one’s time) on pursuing his dream of being a dentist. However, his life outside of dentistry is also full of experiences. At this point in his life, Cotham greatly enjoys traveling, and loves hitting the road every chance he gets. If you would like to learn more about Brett Cotham and his travels, check out his Travel Blog.