When you don’t travel, you don’t get to complain about your current situation. You don’t fully grasp just how well you’ve got it, yet you’re blind to the ways you can make life better for you and those you care about. When people talk about traveling and gawking at the environment or people with their different customs, they are leaving out one crucial piece of the traveling puzzle. These people often forget that their experience is just one of many– what’s strange or novel to them is someone else’s normal.travelers on road to city

And that’s why traveling is such a beautiful thing. It forces us to understand how our experience– our knowledge– is limited. We just tell one story out of a possible 7 billion. When we are constantly traveling and bumping into new ideas, foods, cultures, and ways of life, we can immerse ourselves in it and bring it back with us. The well-traveled person is constantly adding depth to their personality and character trait. The well-traveled soul knows how to take those new perspectives and apply it to many a problem or creative endeavor. Traveling can compel you to make small changes at home for a big impact in the lives of many.

For many, the idea of travel can be intimidating. True, tickets and lodging can add up quickly. But apart from their being a wealth of information out there about traveling lightly or on a budget, no one has said you have to go far away for the ultimate traveler’s experience.

Up until this point, we have been assuming that “travel” means going out of your comfort zone to connect with other people. But that isn’t always the case– in fact, traveling often is a solitary effort. Escaping back into the earth and away from our social structures can give us an outlet with which we can meditate and reflect on our deepest beliefs and dearest values. The awesome sublimation of the natural world is a constant reminder that you are infinitesimally small part of the vast universe. Traveling can help you find yourself.

Get out there, and take the leap.